“Definitely Male [-centric]”: The Shifting Images of Women in Indian Advertisements

Advertising has seen tremendous changes even over the last decade. Advertisements tend to co-opt whatever is the new cool trend to market their products. For instance ads like the My Choice campaign, #ShareTheLoad, beauty products for dark-skinned women, and so on (discussed later) talk about women’s agency, sharing domestic responsibilities and taking pride in being […]

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Heraclitus’s Theory of Opposites

B48: the bow’s name: life; its work, death B80: One must know that war is universal, justice strife, and everything happens by Strife and necessity.   Heraclitus, famously called the ‘riddler’ and ‘the obscure’ lived in 500 BC. His surviving fragments prove to be difficult to understand because, as his nickname suggests, they are highly […]

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